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Abonnement PS Plus

Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €25
25,00 € Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €25
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Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €40
40,00 € Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €40
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Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €60
60,00 € Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €60
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Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €120
120,00 € Carte Cadeau Playstation Plus €120
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À propos des cartes-cadeaux PlayStation Plus

Welcome to video game heaven. PlayStation Plus Gift Cards give you access to hundreds of new and classic games, limited game trials, online multiplayer, exclusive member-only discounts and more.

Play the way you want with these three new subscription options. With the PlayStation Plus Essential subscription, enjoy all the benefits of PlayStation Plus, including online multiplayer, monthly games and more. In addition to the benefits of the Essential subscription, the PlayStation Plus Extra subscription adds a catalog of hundreds of PS4™ and PS5™ games. Choose the PlayStation Plus Premium Membership to add classics, limited game trials and cloud streaming. See details and pricing for each plan in the FAQ section below.

On your marks, get set, play!

L'abonnement PS Plus : comment ça marche ?

The Playstation Plus subscription allows you to activate a subscription on the Playstation Network Store so that you can play online on your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita and take advantage of subscriber benefits: free games, promotions and previews. You simply have to choose the duration of the subscription from the two proposed and you can use the PSN code to activate your Playstation Plus subscription.

Quel type de compte me faut-il pour utiliser mon abonnement Playstation Plus ?

You will need a or SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) account located in France to use your Playstation Plus subscription.

Comment utiliser mon carte PS Plus ?

1. Sign in to your PSN account or create one at .
2. On the PS Store, go to Redeem Codes and enter your 12-digit download code (code).
3. To acquire PS Plus using the funds from this code, select the subscription plan of your choice
and validate the purchase*.

*Pour acheter un abonnement mensuel à PS Plus, vous devez enregistrer une carte de crédit/débit ou un compte
PayPal sur votre compte pour PSN.
Usage réservé aux utilisateurs âgés de 18 ans titulaires d’un compte adulte PSN enregistré en France. Les fonds placés dans le
porte-monnaie PSN peuvent être utilisés par le titulaire du compte (et des comptes des enfants de la famille) pour acheter les
articles du PS Store disponibles en France. L’utilisation du code est soumise à ces conditions ainsi qu’aux Conditions générales,
à la Charte de confidentialité, aux Conditions générales des codes de téléchargement, aux Conditions d’utilisation du logiciel,
et aux autres conditions spécifiques au contenu et services détaillées sur Si vous
do not accept these conditions, do not proceed with the purchase. The code cannot be exchanged or resold for cash. The laws
in force in the country apply. The code will not be replaced if it is lost, stolen, damaged after purchase or used in any
way without your consent. Single-use code. Compatible system and internet connection required.

Quelle est la durée de validité de mon carte PS Plus ?

A Playstation Plus code must be activated maximum one year after being purchased. Your Playstation Plus subscription begins upon activation.

Comment contacter le service client Playstation ?

Find the answer to your question on the Playstation help and advice page.

Conditions Générales

PLAYSTATION PLUS: Additional payment may be required depending on the PS Plus subscription chosen.
PLEASE NOTE: PS Plus is an indefinite paid subscription and you
will automatically be charged recurring subscription fees (at current PS Store prices) until the subscription is cancelled.
If there are insufficient funds in your wallet, the default payment method registered to your account
will be charged. You can cancel your PS Plus subscription at any time and it will expire at the end of the current billing period
. The games (and their features) and the benefits included in the PS Plus subscription are subject to change.
Additional terms apply. See PS Plus
is for users ages 7 and up. The content and services included may change depending on the age of the user.
Download Code Issuer: Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Ltd (Registration No: 06020283),
10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom. This card is redeemable with the issuer only.
This reseller is acting as an agent on behalf of the issuer.
“PlayStation Family Mark”, “PlayStation Plus icon”, and “PlayStation” are registered trademarks or trademarks of
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Que comprend les abonnements PlayStation Plus et quels sont les prix ?

PlayStation Plus Essential

Dive into the world of video games with monthly games, online multiplayer and more for €8.99 per month, €24.99 per quarter or €59.99 per year.

- Monthly Games
- Online Multiplayer Option
- Exclusive Discounts
- Exclusive Content
- Cloud Storage
- Shared Play
- PlayStation Plus Collection - Game

PlayStation Plus Extra

Discover hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games for €13.99 per month, €39.99 per quarter or €99.99 per year.

- Monthly Games
- Online Multiplayer Option
- Exclusive Discounts
- Exclusive Content
- Cloud Storage
- Shared Play
- PlayStation Plus Collection - Game
Help - Game
- Ubisoft+ Classics

PlayStation Plus Premium

Profitez de tous les avantages de PlayStation Plus Premium pour 16,99 € par mois, 49,99 € par trimestre ou 119,99 € par an.

- Jeux mensuels
- Option Multijoueur en ligne
- Remises exclusives
- Contenu exclusif
- Stockage en nuage
- Jeu en partage
- Collection PlayStation Plus
- Aide au jeu
- Catalogue des jeux
- Classiques Ubisoft+
- Catalogue des classiques
- Essais de jeux
- Streaming dans le cloud

*Fonctions exclusives à PlayStation 5

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